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dc.contributor.authorBhattarai, Rewati Raman
dc.contributor.authorThaguna, Sudip
dc.contributor.authorMIshra, Shyam Kumar
dc.identifier.citationBhattarai, R.R. and Thaguna, S. and MIshra, S.K. 2013. Study on the effects of culture and pH variations on quality of ghee. International Journal of Current Research. 5 (1): pp. 129-132.

Milk was analyzed for several parameters like pH, acidity, fat, protein, solids-not-fat, total solids and moisture content. The values obtained were found to be satisfactory in comparison to composition of normal cow milk. Cream was separated from milk using hand-operating cream separator. Analysis of cream showed satisfactory results in comparison to cream obtained by cream separation process. The cream was divided into three parts of which first was directly made ghee without culturing, second was cultured with dahi culture and third with yoghurt culture. Chemical analysis of all ghee samples gave satisfactory results in comparison to normal ghee composition. Sensory evaluation of the three samples were performed taking attributes like flavor, acidity, color, texture, absence of impurities and overall. Ghee prepared from dahi cultured cream showed the highest. Again, dahi cultured cream was treated to different pH (4.5, 4.0 and 3.6). Ghee was prepared and subjected to sensory evaluation. The cream cultured to pH 3.6 showed the highest score. This finding indicates that flavor is produced in ghee in greater extent by dahi cultured cream in respect to yoghurt cultured and non-cultured cream and greater the extent of culturing, more is the flavor yielding diacetyl produced.

dc.titleStudy on the effects of culture and pH variations on quality of ghee.
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.source.titleInternational Journal of Current Research
curtin.departmentSchool of Molecular and Life Sciences (MLS)
curtin.accessStatusOpen access via publisher
curtin.facultyFaculty of Science and Engineering
curtin.contributor.orcidBhattarai, Rewati Raman [0000-0003-2158-4423]

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