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dc.contributor.authorZhong, Yongmin
dc.contributor.authorMa, W.
dc.contributor.editorSK Ong
dc.identifier.citationZhong, Y.M. and Ma, W.Y. 2004. Solid modeling through constraint-based manipulations in a virtual reality environment, in Ong, S.K. and Nee, A.Y.C. (ed), Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing, pp. 13-40. Berlin: Springer.

With today’s Virtual Reality (VR) systems, it is difficult to directly and precisely create and modify objects in a VR environment. This chapter presents an approach for solid modelling in a VR environment. Solid modelling in the VR environment is performed precisely in an intuitive manner through constraint-based manipulations. A hierarchically structured and constraint-based data model is developed to support solid modelling in the VR environment. The data model integrates a high-level constraint- based model for precise object definition, a midlevel CSG/Brep (Constructive Solid Geometry/Boundary representation) hybrid solid model for hierarchical geometry abstractions and object creation, and a low level polygon model for real-time visualization and interaction in the VR environment. Constraints are embedded in the solid model and are organized at different levels to reflect the modelling process from features to parts. Constraint based manipulations are accompanied with automatic constraint recognition and precise constraint satisfaction to establish the hierarchically structured constraint based data model and are realized by allowable motions for precise 3Dinteractions in the VR environment. The allowable motions are represented as a mathematical matrix for conveniently deriving allowable motions from constraints. A procedure-based degree-of-freedom combination approach for 3Dconstraint solving is presented for deriving the allowable motions. A rule-based constraint recognition engine is developed for both constraint-based manipulations and implicitly incorporating constraints into the VR environment. A prototype system has been implemented for precise solid modelling in an intuitive manner through constraint-based manipulations.

dc.subject- Constraint Solving
dc.subjectConstraint Recognition
dc.subjectVirtual Reality
dc.subjectSolid Modelling
dc.subjectConstraint-based Manipulations
dc.titleSolid modeling through constraint-based manipulations in a virtual reality environment
dc.typeBook Chapter
dcterms.source.titleVirtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing
curtin.accessStatusFulltext not available

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